I only registered because the game crashed always(notice my username lol).I hope this part of the forum is still active.Ok so let's get down to business.

I installed SSN' 67 a few months ago,and it was working perfectly,with no problems.
Now,yesterday,I installed the game again,and everything was working ok till' the end of the first level,when I was instructed to blow up the tunnel.As soon as I entered the tunnel,the game quit to the desktop without any report or anything.This surprised me,because,as i said,a few months ago,the game worked perfectly,so my PC is surely not the problem,but I'll still post my rig:
Intel(R) Celeron 2.66 GhZ
512 MB RAM
128 MB Intel Chipset(can't remember the name)
Now look,I know the pc is quite franky,a walkman in a world of MP 4's,but as I said,the game worked perfectly months ago.If anyone knows the problem,any help is aprecciated.
PS:Sorry for my english,i'm Romanian.