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Thread: Game won't run, help!

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    Unhappy Game won't run, help!

    Just installed Tomb Raider Legend on my laptop, which I'm sure is able to run it, installation went fine, but when I try to run the game, it keeps going from the desktop to a black screen(which appears to be the loading screen of the game) millions of times and won't do nothing else. I have Windows 7, and tried running in compatibility mode for XP SP3. Any ideas on what may be happening? I've tried a search through the other threads, but couldn't find nothing like this. Also, I have Tomb Raider Anniversary(which is newer, right?) and installed and played it without any problems.

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    Yeah i'm having the same problem with the game on WinXp.... Black screen & it freeze's up forcing me to restart my computer... I know my machine is more than able to play it because i had it installed 4 or 5 months ago played & beat it and the game ran perfectly fine without any problems then i unstalled it to play anniversary & underworld which also ran fine now i trying to play legend again & it's giving me this problem?? Like what the hell?!... Can someone please help!!

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    possible solution

    I've been having the same issue, what solved it for me was selecting a different refresh rate in the setup - was set to 50Hz, changed it to 60Hz.
    This may/may not work for you, but it would appear that the black screen over and over is a failure for the video mode to initialize.

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    hai.......i have downloaded tomb raider legend it just installed without any problems when i start playing the
    game it crashes to desktop after the intro can anyone help plzzzzzzzzzzzz........!!!!!!!

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