I'm experiencing an issue when playing at just cause 2:

it is not exactly a crash :The images disappears but the game is still running, I can hear the sound and everything seems working, but my screen is empty, I can't see nothing..

(I've even "learned" how to go without visibility in the menu and save before quitting..)

it "crashes" at random moments (sometimes after playing after 2mins, sometimes after 2 hours)

I've tried different ways to solve it without any success
(all drivers up to date, looking on the forums,faq etc...)

Thanks for any advices, and sorry if the subject exist and I haven't found it

PS: sorry for my bad english

my config :

Win7 64 home
GTX580 (asus)
i7 2600K
lot of room on my hdds (wd caviar black)
sabertooh P67 (asus)
8Go RAM (corsair)

Thanks for reading

EDIT : it's the box version (not the steam version)