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Thread: The hatred towards Kain from Moebius

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    And does an excellent job at it. He's able to manipulate everyone for his own agenda and it certainly took him far in his quest to get rid of Kain once and for all. Unfortunately, despite his efforts, he still didn't get the job done in the end. Kain wasn't killed at all and both Kain and Raziel got the last laugh when he was first killed in the material realm, then had his soul devoured in the spectral realm. Moebius, it was fun while it lasted, you imbecile.
    On top of that, despite Moebius knowing everything that's about to happen, he certainly didn't see or acknowledge the possibility of Kain still being alive until Kain surprised him at the end of Defiance. I guess there are even some things a time-streamer cannot possibly see...

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Hylden View Post
    The stones might lie, but these murals were in part confirmed by Mortanius to Raziel and are a huge plot point in Defiance:

    "But they [the vampires] were right and we were wrong to overthrow them, Moebius and I."
    Whereas Mortanius saw the light, Moebius refused to let that grudge go. It took him far, for sure, but Moebius didn't get the results that he wanted in the end. And I don't think Mort did either...I'd like to think that the Hylden Lord was able to control his body easily and then get it changed for the last confrontation against Kain in the original BO. I wonder what it would have been like if Mort had stayed on course with Moebius and continued their agenda together?

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