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Thread: Stuck in Ghana

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    Stuck in Ghana

    Big Room with Waterfalls & Wooden Bridge

    After picking up the silver reward, returning to the upper level, and taking out the bad guys, I have been unable to cross to the exit side because the wooden bridge is broken. I have tried using the three ropes to do this, several times, without success, never managing to get beyond the first rope. I did notice that on each occasion that I entered this section the wooden bridge was already broken. Can anyone help please

    An Update - Where I said ' I did notice that on each occasion that I entered this section the wooden bridge was already broken.' I should have said 'On each occasion that I entered this section AND GOT TO THE UPPER LEVEL WHERE THE EXPLOSIVE BARRELS WERE' I noticed that the wooden bridge was already broken. I have now loaded the savegame file from Stella's Tomb Raider site several times and noticed that by turning immediately to face the waterfalls and by looking up I can see the wooden bridge intact. However, within two or three seconds the bridge collapses without any input from me.

    Question - Has anyone who has played this game ever actually seen this bridge intact before using it to cross towards the exit gate side?

    I'm not good at rope swings but had to persevere since I never managed to reach the bridge while it was intact. I'm now through this section, after a lot of attempts. Shimmying down to the bottom of ropes 1 & 2 before taking good long swings, helped to do the trick.

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    well I have both the xbox and PS2 versions of the game, and I have usually just walked across the totally intact bridge. The only times i have ever seen it destroyed was when someone threw a grenade on it, but that never happens unless i try to cross without taking out the guard on the far side ahead of time. Then just using the ropes works fine. Your system must have a glitch in it to cause the bridge to be gone before you even get there. Looks like you found a way past it though..
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    Thanks for your comments Sierra XB. I hope the following is in the right place because I'm very new to posting on forums.

    I am playing Legend on a Windows 7 PC which might account for the problem. I did try running the game in three different compatibility modes: 2000, XP SP2 and XP SP3 none of which made any difference. I have managed to 'stumble' through to the start of the Kazakhstan level now, god knows how, so this particular problem is now well behind me.

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