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Thread: Xbox 360 game-ending bug

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    Xbox 360 game-ending bug

    OK, I bought this game for the 360 ages ago and when I got to the centaurs I found them impossible to beat, even though I was playing easy. I chalked this up to me being an awful gamer, and so I put the game aside for years, only pulling it out once in a while to try again, and always failing again. Well, like I said, it's been years now and I've improved in skill dramatically. Like, I am beyond proficient enough to be able to complete this game on easy.

    However, when I put the game back in today to give those centaurs another go, I finally realized WHY I could never beat them - there is a bug where Lara will NOT grapple either of their shields. I thought it was perhaps me again at first, being unaccustomed to the controls after not playing for so long, so I replayed the first chapters to readjust... nope, still won't grapple! I can dodge and adrenaline dodge without a problem, but she will NOT grapple either of their shields. I even got a bug where one of the centaurs "froze" after I adrenaline dodged him and he was in the position for me to grab his shield - he stopped moving entirely for a good 5 minutes. The other centaur stopped attacking as well. This should have been enough to grab his shield, but nope! She still wouldn't grapple it! And I was standing there taking my sweet time too.

    So I googled the problem and found the cave work-around - only problem is it doesn't work! I can't even get the first centaur's health to do down a fraction.

    I'm at a loss here. It's literally impossible for me to continue this game because of this bug because you can't beat the centaurs without taking their shields! What exactly am I supposed to do? I love the Tomb Raider games - I've played ALL of them, except for this one, and I was looking forward to the new game, but honestly this experience is just putting me off of the series entirely. I'm this close to just tossing this game in the trash.

    ETA: Ok, I've tried it again and again. Sometimes the cave trick works on the first centaur, but after that nothing works on the second - neither returning to the cave, nor fighting the centaur (since I can't grab his shield still!). I have done it correctly over and over to the point where I feel like a freaking pro when it comes to adrenaline rush, but no matter what, even when the centaur for whatever reason stops moving and stays in the position where I can grab his shield, Lara will NOT grab it! The grapple shoots out, but it won't attach, and half the time I keep pressing X and it won't shoot out period. I again replayed earlier levels to see if this grapple glitch still existed and it does, so now I'm 100% certain that this problem is nothing to do with me. It's also nothing to do with my controller as I have 4 controllers - one of them brand new - and the problem happens with them all. I even tried restarting the game, and restarting my system. No luck!

    I cannot believe this game has a such a severe game-breaking bug this long after it came out. Eidos, do you make any attempts whatsoever in order to fix your games??

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    I just wanted to post an update on my problem.

    Xbox glitch is STILL active. I've tried replaying multiple times only to get a variety of glitches that prevent me from killing those stupid centaurs. It is legitimately the buggiest boss fight I have EVER experienced in any game I've ever played (and I played through the entirety of Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines before the patch release!).

    I ended up buying TR:A during the Steam Summer Sale recently, because I do love the Tomb Raider games and I wanted to play beyond the centaurs and I knew that if I encountered a similar bug on the computer version, I'd be able to at least get a work-around save. Well, I didn't end up having to do that, but first let me explain what happened:

    AGAIN the glitch with the grapple. Not only that but when I would shoot at them, their rage meter NEVER filled. Their health NEVER diminished. And this is an hour straight of me shooting at them (and yes, I only shoot when the reticle is red). Reloaded about half a dozen times, finally tried the cave "cheat". Worked on the third time, so I go out to take care of the last centaur... and he's bugged AGAIN.

    Finally, after about 20 reloads, I managed to get lucky enough to get the centaurs where their rage meter would fill and I could actually damage them. Took care of one and got down to the last-- he was down to about half health when he managed to turn me to stone... and that made my game freeze. I had to turn the game off and restart it. Again, another 3 or 4 reloads, where I experienced off and on the inability to do no damage, or where my game froze just as I was about to kill the last centaur.

    Now I'm up to almost 30 reloads. And nearly 2 hours. On easy. And guess how I ended up finally beating that second centaur? Oh, yeah, my game froze again. But in a weird way. The screen tore, and went mostly gray, and then both my health and the centaur's health began decreasing immediately and quickly. I spammed health packs until the centaur expired before I did. The start of the cut-scene is what finally put my screen right.

    What the ever loving hell. Did the developers actually ever QA this game? I really don't think they did. It's so buggy it shouldn't have been released in the first place.

    My suggestion to anyone looking to buy it-- skip it. Get Legends. Maybe Underworld. If you get TR:A, download a save that takes care of the centaur fight for you at least. Save yourself the frustration of the buggiest, most impossible boss fight ever coded. If I didn't love Tomb Raider as much as I do, this game would have put me off of the series entirely.

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    It's also clear, btw, that no one involved in making this game even checks their "official" forums. I doubt these forums even have mods.

    Even Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines, when its studio was shut down, had developers continuing to help the people playing the game. Hell, 8 years later, and that game still has original developers making patches and dlc-- all FREE.

    Bioware, Ubisoft, even freaking Bethesda, apparently cares more about their customers that Eidos/Squenix.

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    In order to grapple those shields, the grapple ring that is attached to the
    shield must be visible. If it is not, you will fail every time. The fight with
    the Centaurs moves quickly, so practice, practice, practice.

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