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Thread: TR Legend, fatal error report.

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    TR Legend, fatal error report.

    Hello everyone.

    I've been playing this game for about 4- 5 hours now and I really like the game. Apart from a few unexpected chrashes in the first hour of gameplay, which concerned me a bit but luckily 'after' the first hour I didn't get the same crashes anymore.

    However, after that I suddenly got a chrash again but now it was an fatal error report. Did concern me a lot, and especially because I can't play the game anymore at all. Every time I try continue or new game it closes the game and the fatal error appears. I can still look at my extras etc. but not play the game, otherwise it crashes.

    The report says:

    A fatal error has occured while playing Tomb Raider: Legend. Please refer to the ReadMe file for information which might help you solve this problem, or contact Eidos customer support.

    Extended information:

    Exception at: 21/10/2011 at 19:41:38
    Exception code: Access violation (c0000005): (Read of address: 0x00000058)
    Exception address: 0x004561c4

    CPU info:
    EAX = 0x00000000
    EBX = 0x000000a0
    ECX = 0x011585d8
    EDX = 0x00000008
    ESI = 0x00000000
    EDI = 0x010c5f10
    EIP = 0x004561c4
    ESP = 0x0018e99c
    EBP = 0x000000a0


    I have no idea why this all of a sudden showed up and I can't play the game anymore at all. Any help or tips are welcome!

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    I'm having the same problem, I just made it to Kazakhstan and now everytime I try to load my game I get a fatal error. My info is similar to the OP


    Exception at: 13/01/2012 at 02:57:33
    Exception code: Access violation (c0000005): (Read of address: 0x0323fa80)
    Exception address: 0x005c136b

    CPU info:
    EAX = 0x0323fa80
    EBX = 0x07e6aa70
    ECX = 0x3f800000
    EDX = 0x430609ef
    ESI = 0x077e61ac
    EDI = 0x0ab48210
    EIP = 0x005c136b
    ESP = 0x0018e820
    EBP = 0x0018e908


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    Try disable 'next generation content' under 'options' -> 'display'. It worked for me

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    Unhappy Lara Croft Tomb Raider:Legend Alister's Library

    i got 0/1 gold 9/10 silver and 16/16 bronze... the problem is i cant find this (i saw a walktrought) ,,Whithin the hall of knowledge..." (dont know all of it) i cant find it to activate the book puzzle and the last silver and the gold please help me

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    I have the same fatal error on my game and i was barely getting to Japan :/

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