Thread: Mini Ninjas sucks!!!!!

Mini Ninjas sucks!!!!!

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    Thumbs Down Mini Ninjas sucks!!!!!

    Since I couldn't find a contact address, I solely registered to tell the producers that Minii Ninjas sucks. Not completely - I actually enjoyed it for a while: while it actually doesn't contribute anything new or innovative to the video games world, it is quite cute and funny, not too hard, and nice visual style. A game that kids and adults could like. Until ...

    Until I came to that avalanche level. How in god's name that one passed quality control is beyond me. It's right, I'm stuck here, but I'm not complaining about difficulty. A lot of games have difficult levels, tha's part of the challenge. My point of criticism is, that the difficulty here isn't an element of the game, it's the control system. You have little to nothing control over the ninja in the rice bowl, the jump action reacts on what ever, but pressing the x button, and even if you'd knew the way, you simply can't go it, because the sixaxis-control won't do what you want it to do. I checked youtube, and there is a video, in which someone made it - due to a lucky unintentionally bounce from a wall. Reading the comments at the web, I can see that many people apparently share my opinion. Bottom line: this level has nothing to do with ability, it's 99% luck, so this isn't actually a challenge, but a game of luck. I stuck here more than two days, and need to play other games to lessen the stress Mini Ninjas causes at first. Now I'm giving up. If there's a rule for good game making, then it sure is not to frustrate the player, first to treat him fair. This of course mean a challenge, but the challenge should be in the game, and not the inaccuracy of the tool (controller) the programmers give the player to master it.

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    Mater Urbium
    I actually found that level as quite enjoyable. The controls may not have been as responsive as they could have been, but it wasn't all that bad, really.

    On which platform did you play the game?

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    i like the ninjia color style