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Thread: no one plays co op?

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    Question no one plays co op?

    i bought this game a couple of days ago for ps3 and have to say the single player is brilliant and lots of fun, but the main reason i bought this was for co op but there is no one playing co op!!! i was absolutely gutted. is it just my connection or dont people play co op no more? thanks

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    No-one plays online co-op because of the release delays. By the time it was patched for online it was old old news. Local co-op is more fun anyway. I've never seen a single soul in the lobby.

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    Ya know what? I have yet to find this Tomb Raider game at all anyways...
    I dont think itll be as good as what Core has done, bt i still have to have it bc its part of the series and i collect these games anyhow...just cant seem to find this one.
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    Its steam only..probably

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    uhh now i feel dumb...whats that mean? whatcha talkn about???
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