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Thread: Square Enix Community Day in Germany

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    dang where have i been when these have been happening, i think i missed the london one not even sure if there was an announcement for it though. any others planned in the future?
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    Right so next time we should get an official invite cos....I'm commited to Eidos and uhhh...Love Tomb Raider and Square Enix plus I live near you guys so come on..give :3
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    Quote Originally Posted by MeaganMarie View Post
    We should be doing some stuff in the US early next year.
    awesome I'll start saving money for gas just in case It is a long drive.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Acid Burn View Post
    Karl told us you'll be in Russia next year. Russian community can't wait to see you.
    I will be?!?! Awesome!! Sometimes I'm the last to know about these sorts of things. :P

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    You need to check then. You might be sent to like, some island off the coast of Japan or something without you even knowing about it...

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    Looks like a grand time there! Also looks like the German economy is humming right along, you certainly won't find any US corporation laying out a fun spread for its customers these days.

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    Love the Pictures, Bad thing that I had to work and couldn't make it to the com day. I'm the only Tomb Raider Fan in my circle, so I hope I'll have another chance to meet some in the future.

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    I still have to post a picture of the Tomb Raider gift bag that was handed out. Amazing stuff.
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