Thread: Game not starting - No crash, Just won't start..

Game not starting - No crash, Just won't start..

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    Game not starting - No crash, Just won't start..


    So I'm Playing from Steam. I got the new Steam deal of both KL's + 3 hitman games for 17.77

    I first encountered the Crash problem with Dog Days, But i turned on my Firewall and now it works just fine

    But Dead Men is not starting up at all

    I double click the Shortcut, My mouse gets the little loading Icon, 2 Seconds later it goes away and nothing happens. Ctrl + Alt + Delete to see if there is any KL running tasks and nothing. Double Click Dog Days to see if that does it to and it instantly starts, So there is something wrong with Dead Men not starting for me

    PC Specs

    Win7 x64
    8GB DDR3 1333
    HD 6850
    Intel I5 2500k

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    Operation Payack

    dude your faceing facts hear you say your not starting straight away well hears my example of why most peoples games isent starting straight away hostbooter hiting ip address causes damage to an ip but in witch case if the person who was hit by a ddoser well then the person in the game who got there ip hit well then it will effect others around them like you

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    Good post

    Agree with truemerc.