Thread: Re-Release - HD or Remake

Re-Release - HD or Remake

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    I would love to see a 7-8-9 HD collection

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    i would like to see FF7 in HD. it one of my favorite final fantasy game ever

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    Wrong forum mIke-cloud, they already have a forum dedicated to hopes of a FFVII to be remastered.

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    Can't really say it's not worth it, cause if they remade the games it would appeal to alot of fans and of course the new generation about graphics and such.

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    I'd really like to play a remake of FFVIII! I hope it to come true someday

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    I agree with fusionx. This game was amazing and i enjoyed it more than i am enjoying FFVII right now. I'm not too far in though.

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    It's a awesome idea, but it will probably stay just that an "idea" simply because it wasn't as popular as many other Final Fantasy titles.

    But if they did that I would buy it definetly. (FFVIII is my fav of them all).

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    If this game would get a remake, I'd like them to find a solution to the whole "don't use Magic or else your stats go down"-drama.

    Perhaps the quantity of your Magic corresponds to the number of times you can use that type in-battle? That's basically what it already does, but your stock won't decrease.

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    They could make it so that the amount drawn and equiping it doesn't decrease the stats the magic provides you.

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    I think a HD version of VIII would be nice.

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    let's just say HD versions from VII-X should be released.

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    The reason for this topic is based upon personal feelings towards the game FFVIII.

    Why did I love that game?
    Easy, because through my eyes it felt as if someone (builder of the game) understood me...
    The main character was based on me in the sense that he had the same childhood as me, he also didn't trust anyone (distant) and yet went up against what he saw as evil, even if the odds were against him (just like me, even his hair, face and dresscode are just like mine).
    It moved me because after I was done playing, a girl came up to me and tried to persuade me to be her boyfriend but I was very distant from her, even ignored her at times (did that lots of times) because I felt I would just end up getting hurt. But After 1 month of trying every day and me ignoring her, she almost gave up...
    a guy from her class saw her crying and had feelings for her so he made a move and it worked (she needed someone to lean on).. When I heard about this I realised what I had to lose and that deep down inside I had feelings for her (wtf!?) and I went to get her hoping it was not too late..
    But she still loved me and easily broke up with that other guy... we are still happily married today with 2 children.

    She wanted to play my game of Final fantasy VIII and then I realised how similar my situation had been to the game.

    The point is... even when I put the fact aside that this game is based on a life like my own, it realy showed how someone unloved and defensive could open up his feelings when he realised he was loved deeply (most of us do not realise how much our parents, friends and family love us untill it's too late).

    This game moves me and a lot of other people because it realy opens your eyes and makes you realise you gotto live life to it's fullest and just be who you are without being afraid of being hurt, because that is life and it is worth living.

    I was hoping they would remake Final fantasy VIII because at this point they are able to use a lot better graphics then back then, and with an even more deep/slightly longer story... I'm sure Square enix would sell even more copies then they sold back then.

    But that's me thinking out loud... what do you guys think?
    It doesn't have to be the same game over again, just another game that uses an even deeper story then they used in FF VIII because they certainly were on the right path there ! Lot's of emotions going on and a reason to fight !!

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    Now that is quite a connection between a real life situation and it being like something in one of your favorite games. I will admit, I love Final Fantasy VIII. It has its course of where you are alone but then that wonderful romance to where you and the girl who had feelings for you went back with you still in love and now you two are married and have two kids. Some can be very envious to that. But onto the note about a remake. I would say maybe a remake would be interesting, whether they add more to it or do something to like a later on years type of thing. I will admit that I have done quite the role playing and I have done a Final Fantasy VIII role play with a friend and it was fun. Graphics for FFVIII were pretty good and with all the remakes or extra's they have done for VII, Tactics, III, IV, and others but never for VIII & IX (Which IX was one of my favorites.) IX was the first Final Fantasy I played, VIII was the 2nd, Legend II was the third, but my favorite of all time RPG when I first played some PS games was Legend of Dragoon. Would be nice for a lot of remakes for certain amazing games.

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    You know they say, "The first Final Fantasy you beat is usually your favorite."

    I think that's still true today. VIII was my first Final Fantasy game I beat. And it's one of my favorites.

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    That does seem true because IX is still my very favorite and that was the first Final Fantasy game I had beaten.

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    Originally Posted by PshycoNinja
    You know they say, "The first Final Fantasy you beat is usually your favorite." I think that's still true today. VIII was my first Final Fantasy game I beat. And it's one of my favorites.

    Not entirely true, I first played final fantasy VII and I still thought final Fantasy VIII was better.

    Why? FFVIII had a better story and better graphics. If you want to have a good game you gotto have a perfect combination of all elements wich to me are dependant on these factors:





    If those factors have the perfect marriage, the game will have mine once it hits the shelves

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    I played FFVII first but the first FF I completed entirely was FFX and X is my favorite. So excited for the FFX HD remaster.

    Moving on, FFVIII is my favorite of the PS1 era FF games. It's plot was certainly the best. I remember when those plot triggers would pop up in the dialogue I would always choose the one that made Rinoa upset. lol When I play through it again I'll make sure to be nice to her though because by the end of the game she really grew on me.

    A FFVIII remake would be awesome, the Voice Actors they used for Squall, Laguna, and Ulitmecia were just as I had imagined the voices would sound and the HD looks of those 3 characters were great as well. I once emailed Square about a FFVIII remake and they told me that while it wasn't on their agenda at all but they wouldn't rule it out as a possibility. So there's atleast a 1% chance.
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    Maybe if we persuaded them by giving them idea's on how the game could be re-made, make them see that it can earn them money and reputation... it might come ^^

    And yes I loved FFX too for being quite sensitive aswell. I love games that "move" a person.. not like those mindless shooters these days that are all alike. Square enix makes games that are special, with persona, with character (and that is why a FFVIII remake would be the wettest dream ever !!! XD)

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    I'd like to see it, but I wouldn't care if it never happened.

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    My first Final Fantasy was actually IV on snes, never beat it though, was about 10 when I played it and the octupus dude kept beating me down. But the first FF i completed was VII, then I played IX, but somehow could not find VIII until 2006, when I played it and it was an instant favorite of mine, I would freak for an VIII remake,so far squall is the only FF hero i know of to have character specific Limit breaks(Renzokuken), like the cactuar and bahaut versions, in HD, I would freak from joy, and the story was amazing, truly one of my all time favorite games.

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    FF9 was my first ffgame ,i still love this FF and replay it every summer just for the memories

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    I enjoyed FF8 as it ws my first FF game I played but the first one I ever beat was 9 and then 1 and 2 on the PSP. Just took an order to things after that and am working on FF6 now. I played 7 but never beat it, just had to see what it was like so I watched my best friend play it and beat it.

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    If Final Fantasy VII was remastered i would beat the game with 999+ hours again and i would be happy to die. How long have i waited for this remake? as long as crisis core was released i saw aerith and i was flabbergasted, speechless. Words could not explain how happy i was. i soon learned it wasnt happening, a part of me died that day.

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    There is always something special to be said about a game that truly engages us. Whether it's the story, setting, music, characters, or a multitude of other aspects that a game is comprised of; it somehow manages to make a connection to our convoluted lives.

    Final Fantasy VIII was a stellar game all around and remains my favorite of the series to this day. While my first experience with Final Fantasy goes all the way back to Final Fantasy III (SNES) aka FFVI, it never captivated me like Final Fantasy VIII.

    As far as a remake is concerned, I'm not sure how I'd feel about it. I have an awful time agreeing with the voice actors that are chosen to portray some of the most iconic of characters. Well, I should specify that this is only pertaining to English voice actors. I absolutely loved the Japanese voice actors that portrayed the characters from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. But, I've never been able to stomach the English version of the film. So, I suppose if they didn't alter any of the story or gameplay elements, I would openly welcome it. I would be devastated if they altered any of the mechanics of the game. Simply a make-over would be sufficient for me.

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    I hope a re-release come for ff8 for the pc aswell, there are many final fantasy fans who play on pc too. It shouldn't be hard to do either.

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