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    Question legend - napal

    please help! I am at the start of this level and cant get any further. There seem to be 2 problems, firstly, lara has a tendency to 'creep' around on her own and jump off ledges to her death and then when she doesn't do that any more and I can resume control of her again, the controls seem to "stick" at certain points, particularly on hanging ledges when quick movement is required and lara does not respond to the controller. If, by some miracle, I can get her to just before the next checkpoint where she has to run up a breaking ledge and jump to a pole, she just will not swing/respond before the pole collapses. Is this a bug or a problem with my PS2? Its driving me mad!!!!!!!

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    Do you have a spare controler to try? I have had that "creeping" problem before with my PS2, and not only with TRL. Other people may have more experience if it is a bug, but you might just try swapping controllers first to see if that helps.
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