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Thread: Are there ANY spots in TR Legends that was difficult to overcome?

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    Rolleyes Are there ANY spots in TR Legends that was difficult to overcome?

    A lot of us, who have been playing Tomb Raider over the years, may have thought that Tomb Raider Legend didn't have the overwhelming, time-consuming, tough puzzles that were similar to that of Tomb Raider II, III, IV.
    So, my question is... were THERE ANY spots in Tomb Raider Legend that kept you in the same area for a LONG period of time because you didn't know what to do?


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    Thumbs Up Master the camera angles & its smooth Tomb Raiding

    Hello WillJustice89, I have played the entire Tomb Raider series and am currently enjoying Legend . Since I began gaming, I have made extensive use of various walkthroughs. For the whole Tomb Raider series, I swear by Stella's site. Her walkthroughs are extremely comprehensive and well-linked. No matter whether you're playing on pc, X-Box, Playstation - she covers the controls for all systems. That is important because the way the player controls Lara changes rather drastically between the games preceding and Angel of Darkness. Then, the game engine changes radically again for Legend. Of those 3, I found the AOD controls to be the most frustrating. Especially the way the gamer has to "fight the camera" to move Lara the direction desired - especially jumping... Legend is in between. The "wrestling with camera angles" when jumping Lara wasn't quite so horrific, but neither was it the smooth, background mechanism that first captivated hordes of gamers in the original games. So, the site gives extra advice, screenshots and helpful bits to master the latest Lara engine.
    In addition to the text waltkthrough, she includes numerous screenshots and links to YouTube-style videos showing the exact moves Lara must make. No site would be complete without the "Collect everything" lists and these are here too! All secrets, all power-ups, all cheats, all extras; you want to know it- it is here! Here's the webaddress: for Stella's Tomb Raider site. Enjoy Tomb Raiding, friend!

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