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    Ok, Ok, I'm very stuck on the level four boss.. the electrodes won't reach the electric voltage things, and when they do, the monster knocks me off and the electrode turns off. HELP!!!!
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    Hey miss cati,
    2 of the electrodes you need to pull towards you and fire back, the other 2 just fire at them. You need to be pretty quick. When all the electrodes are fired up, get out of your seat, look up and grapple down the piece of the sword.

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    Yeah sometimes you don't even have to look up after getting out of the chair. If you don't move too far away from it, usually all you have to do is turn around and throw the grapple and it'll hit it's mark on it's own.
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    thanks everyone
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    I have never had to "pull" any of the Tesla generators (the electrodes)...pushing seems to work just fine. You just have to be fast. There have been times when I got all 4 without getting knocked off the chair, but I usually get knocked off at least once. Two quick pulses per generator with the gun usually works fine.
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