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    Exclamation Movement issue

    I bought the tomb raider trilogy for the ps3 and I have an issue that not only occurs in tomb raider legend but also tomb raider anniversary and tomb raider underworld.

    It's not a serious issue but it's very annoying, especially during gun fights. My issue is this:

    When I try moving left and up lara doesn't move at all. I can move forward just fine and left just fine but as soon as i hit the upper left area she stops moving.

    While I've managed to get to the 5th mission so far on TR legend it's very annoying to try and dodge bullets and just stand there and get shot or try to make a jump by jumping left and up and then falling to my death because the game didn't recognize the input.

    I found out that it's not my controller that's the problem because I switched to a brand new controller that's made by a different company and it had the exact same problem. Any help is appreciated.

    Thanks in advance
    -jackiechan's the man

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    Lightbulb Might not be hardware or software, but timing...

    Hello JackieChan fan: I had a similar problem trying to make Lara both move and fire her weapon. She would do one or the other but not both! Absolutely lethal when confronted by armed gunmen! I was killed repeatedly trying to figure it out. Eventually, I realized it was timing. As this engine uses some combo of a player's input/keystrokes and preset response movements, the timing of when I push the buttons is exact to the microsecond. Many times I was too fast, not too slow with my button pushing. I suggest tinkering with your timing. Also pay attention to wher you've remapped yoir controls if you are not using default. That can mess things up sometimes. Happy Tomb Raiding friend!

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    Thanks for reponding helmcken, but I'm fairly sure it's not a timing/button combination issue as I can be standing one one spot and be pressing nothing other than the thumbstick and it still won't move when I press in that direction. However I wouldn't mind testing this timing thing. My controls are default setting so I don't think that's a concern.

    So how do I go about tinkering the timing in the game and does it still apply when it's just the one input in the thumbstick that's the problem?

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    Lightbulb A new thought

    That's really the only description I can offer about timing: I tried slightly slowing my button pushes. However, upon a closer reading of your text and reply, I do NOT think that is the problem. Because you would see some movement . You described nothing at all happening. So, that's not being off with the timing of your button pushes.
    Here's a 2nd thought I have for you to consider: I had a controller once that had a two-position button on it labelled Analog and Digital. When it was in one position, (I forget whether it was in Analog or Digital), one of the 2 joysticks (the left one) wouldn't work. Apparently, that switch would select either the left joystick OR the D-pad, but both wouldn't work at the same time! Look closely at your gamepad to see if your model has that switch. Perhaps that is the cause? I know when it happened to me, the character onscreen just wouldn't respond to moves using that joystick in the combo. Hope this helps!

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