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Thread: LCGOL L06 Toxic Swap had many freak zone should be found!(Pics+Edits)

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    Wink LCGOL L06 Toxic Swap had many freak zone should be found!(Pics+Edits)

    Step1. Look down pics. Lara at go on to this area, and walking around can be activates prompted, but the toxic fog havn't missing! It's still effective!

    Step2. At down pics. Lara could be used 3 spears to jumping up and cut off the 2of3 Fence missions.

    Step3. Next, Lara coming to thd Bridge side, and here could be up to the mountain top then more higher mountain top! It's so mystery!

    Step4. and used 1 spear going to the right+up direction zone!

    Step5. next, Lara jumping to left+down direction, can be falling to never die platform, after then can be walking to left+up direction, still the end more walks, lara will be dead, look this! Lara is dead so joking!

    Step6. Going out the broken bridge, at bridge side, lara jumping to the mountain cliff and up the hill, used 1 spear + rocking forward + 1 spear jump it and jump up to the hidden grown platform! look down 3 pics.

    Step7. At the broken bridge side, this time go another mission, going to right+up direction mission, and has save point, that's go great surprise discovery. Please look down 7 pics.

    Step8. At the end! Lara could be used this kind very easy idea: shot one spear and jump on it, can be so easy waiting for the end rock board falling down and enter the cave channel! (But here has a enjoy everybody idea, that's when the rock board falling down times, let Lara sametimes going to under the rock board, and happen very laughing everybody things, Woo Oh! and see Lara is fuuking dead woman! "Super sick Lid Joke")

    Step9. End could not end, this time let Lara going to near the end cave channel, has a high platform could be found! down 4 pics.

    Step10. Let's return to the LCGOL L06 Toxic Swap, return to discovery the hidden zone element again! Down 5 No.1 challenge Cave mission hidden jobs!

    Step11. down pic. It's maybe official design team abandoned land of neglect!

    Step12. down pic. Right direction is not picture bug. because we used cut off 2of3 fence missions, so here is not pic. let Lara walking to right, you see the game is real dead running out. Ka ka ka voice is heard forever. this time you're be must push the Xbox360 Power to restart the game!

    Step13. down pic. Let Lara shot more spear to the cliff, and jump on these spear, then jump onto the high platform yet, so you can hidden Xolotl show out movie! It's secrets play idea way! Direct finished the 1of3 fence cave missions and outside direct forward and forget the Boss Xolotl show out!!!

    Step14. down pic. It's 2of3 fence cave missions shotcut job ideas! That's so fast and great idea!

    Step15. down pic. That's 3of3 fence cave missions shotcut job ideas! If you be very luck, you can used lunching one rocket to destroy double locked latch.

    Step16. down pic. At the End area, Could be used cliff side black stone jumping to this here! Playing and watching!

    Step17. down pic. It's at the 3of3 fence cave, don't into the 3of3 fence cave, then going to down direction and jumping onto the black stone of sea. and jumping and jumping more to the left+down direction end. At here, shot a spear, and next jumping out + bombing lara herself move lara body to end of the last end not picture area. sametime, game shotdown and dead running, it's 2of3 dead running zone of L06 Toxic Swap! Then you must be push Xbox360 power button!!!

    ... Unfinished, to be continue...

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    Keep going edit + pics!

    Step18. down 5 pics. It's L06 Toxic Swap 3of3 Dead Running zone, CO-OP Mode, Lara and Totec throw the hook each other, you first and I last down there the great not dead sea inside into the sea! Yeah, if let them going to right+down end direction, will be found a big tree stump, if thistime keep going walking to the right+down direction more, Oh yeah! The game will be shutdown again, here is L03 Toxic Swap 3of3 dead running zone. then everybody push the Xbox360 power button again!!!

    Step19. down 3 pics. It's L06 start near area, CO-OP mode, discovery in the sea black Rocks area!

    Step20. down pic. It's outside area, CO-OP mode, can be cross the fence to arrived.

    Step21. down pic. It's CO-OP mode the end, Lara and Totec so easy rest to waiting end cave is opened!

    Step22. down 6 pics. It's great great let bridge is not collapse. Every body please look down 6 pics to learning right idea!

    Step23.down 12 pics. It's shutdown dead running + return from start to end playing again. These 12 pics is so joke and so goodness, at the last pic. Please everybody watching carefuly, you can see "the Toxic plants is dead" yeah, that's right! Because used this crazy idea play L06 Toxic Swap twice. then the very last of the finally ending area, it's these so surprise scene! Let everybody at the last times, remember your deeping memory!

    ~ The End! ~

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