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Thread: Driver problem on startup?

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    Driver problem on startup?

    Whenever I start up the game, all I get is a black screen and it freezes. If I alt tab out of it, then I see the little message that says "your display driver AMD Driver has stopped working and recovered" over and over again in the system tray. This is the only game that this happens to also. I tried verifying the game cache, uninstalling ati tray tools, updating the my video card drivers (Radeon Hd 5870), changing voltages/overclocking... not sure what else I can do. Also redownloaded the game 3 times. Thanks in advance to any help anyone can give.

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    so to solve it Confirm that it is a driver issue. If you have evidence that it is and ATI driver problem then do the next steps. 2) Boot your computer once then check is it solve so have fun guys online and play games


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