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Thread: How do you play the DLC?

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    How do you play the DLC?

    This must be the stupidest question ever because I can not find an answer anywhere. Do you have to finish the game before you can access the DLC? I saw a video online finally on how someone played the content but when I do it I only get the option to re download it. So please you are all the experts in this game please tell me what is going on!

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    Nope, no need to finish the game to acess the DLC. I don't know which platform you're playing on, but (after downloading and installing the DLC packs) you should be able to access them through a separate icon on the main menu.

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    It's for the 360, I have no idea. I download it but after that I can't access it. I don't know what I am doing wrong at all and it's driving me crazy.

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    I'm not sure if this will work, but try deleting the DLCs from your hard drive and redownloading them again.

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    never meet this kind of situation.

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