NOTE: I didn't see the Technical Discussion Forum until after I posted this thread. My apologies. If a moderator would prefer to move this thread there, I have no issue with that.

I am requesting a patch that unlocks save files for the PSN version of Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light and allows users to back up their save files to USB drives.

A little bit of background (feel free to skip this part): My wife and I recently brought our first child home from the hospital. Our time to play games together is much more limited than it was even a few months ago. Raising a newborn is expensive as well as time-consuming (though totally worth it, but that's a topic for a different place).

Nevertheless, we purchased LCatGoL when it was on sale on PSN for $7.49. I discovered later that it is not currently possible to copy LCatGoL saves to a USB drive and regretted the purchase.

I am aware of the Online Save Storage feature of PlayStation Plus, but, seeing as we have more pressing expenses, I have no intention of subscribing to Plus at this time or in the foreseeable future. I should not have to pay an additional fee to back up a save file for a game I purchased.

I have since searched for and found a list of PS3 games, both disc-based and digital download, with locked save files and will be reviewing the list prior to any future purchases.

If you agree and would also like those who purchased the PSN version of LCatGoL to be able to back up their save file, please post a reply in this thread to that effect.

If your schedule allows, please also take a few minutes and submit a support ticket with Square Enix Support Center with a brief and polite request for patch unlocking LCatGoL PSN save files.

The more people request a patch that unlocks save files, the more likely Eidos and Square Enix will listen.

"Why make such a big deal about locked save files?" Anyone asking this question has very likely never lost a save file and, with it, hours upon hours of progress. Those who have lost save files understand why locked save files are bad for customers and they are more likely to back up their save files regularly.

As stated above, my wife and I have very few opportunities to play games together. If we were to play the game for several hours then lost the save file to hardware failure or file corruption, we would very likely move on to a different game.

Put another way: Time is precious and save files represent the time we spend playing games. Yes, we play for fun, but losing a save file and having to decide whether to re-play levels previously cleared or abandon the game altogether is an unpleasant situation and can be easily avoided.

"What about people who abuse save file copies for trophies?" I admit I'm not very familiar with the PS3 Trophies system. For me, Trophies would be worthless if I didn't unlock them fairly. I don't understand the mindset of people who would use illegitimate methods to unlock Trophies, but I know there are people like that out there.

But is it fair or reasonable to punish paying customers who earn Trophies legitimately for the sake of a few bad apples? Better yet: Is there a way that could prevent Trophy hacking other than locking save files?

In conclusion, I believe providing a patch that unlocks LCatGoL save files would earn goodwill from paying customers and make repeat purchases or DLC purchases more likely.

I have enjoyed the 2-3 hours of LCatGoL I have played so far and hope I can fully enjoy playing the game after a patch is issued, knowing that a hardware failure or file corruption will leave me with the undesirable choice to either re-play levels or abandon the game entirely.

I recommended LCatGoL to others before discovering the game's save file is locked and would be happy to recommend the game again after a patch unlocking save files is issued. I will also consider purchasing DLC content.