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Thread: LCGOL DLC Temple Defense found 2in2 Hidden Level area Steps!

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    Wink LCGOL DLC Temple Defense found 2in2 Hidden Level area Steps!

    LCGOL 1of5DLC All The Trappings L3of4 Temple Defense found 2in2 Hidden Level area Steps!

    2in2 Hidden Level area sample poster:

    Hi, everybody. If you can't watching image, so you can to here to view my original post:

    Steps. 1:

    Steps. 2:

    Steps. 3:

    Steps. 4:

    Steps. 5:

    Steps. 6:

    Steps. 7:

    Steps. 8:

    Steps. 9:

    Steps. 10:

    Steps. 11:

    Steps. 12:

    Steps. 13:

    Steps. 14:

    Steps. 15:

    Steps. 16:

    Steps. 17:

    Steps. 18:

    Steps. 19:

    Steps. 20:

    Steps. 21:

    Finished! P.S. If this level used this kind idea to played, still has ultimate total time about 14m35s left or right. Want to playing more 1 second time is impossible, too!

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    I don't know if you're trying to spam or something, but it's completely unnecessary to open various threads for the same thing... It makes these forums unbearable and it's very annoying.

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    Okay, I got LCGoL the other day for my iPod Touch. I must say, It's the most fun I've ever had on my iPod. Ever, and that's saying something. My Compliments. I have arachnaphobia and the spiders aren't bad. AWESOME!! I've made it to the last level, just in that spike pit thingy. It hasn't crashed, yet. Hopefully it won't. I have an older version of the iPod touch, Idk if that makes a difference. but, as I've already said, my compliments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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