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Thread: Tomb Raider Trilogy....legend trophy issue

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    Tomb Raider Trilogy....legend trophy issue

    Has anyone achieved the "Biggest bang for the buck" trophy, cause no matter how many times I do the required action, it goes unrecognized. I'm assuming I'm doing something wrong. Someone please help!

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    So far I've found that there are a couple of trophies that have a slight 'delay' on them.
    For instance, the 'Kill (With) Your Television' trophy won't pop up until you've finished fighting the gang and proceeded to the elevator in the Tokyo maybe carrying on 'til the next checkpoint or even the end of the bike level, after you've met the requirements for 'Biggest Bang For the Buck ', will help?

    (Note to update): Apparently, this trophy is easier to unlock while in Peru, rather than Kazakhstan, as the track is narrower meaning the enemies stay closer together.

    Updated to add: Just managed to get this trophy in Peru, it is indeed easier lol.
    Although, at first, I managed to blow up two enemies, the trophy didn't pop. So, I carried on and waited for another opportunity. Then I managed to blow up four enemies with one explosion, and 'ding!'....strange :S

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    Does anyone know if the official cheats de-activate the trophies? For example: Superior Firepower?
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    I also had a bit of a struggle with this particular trophy (Biggest Bang for the Buck). I did it like 3 times in a row and didn't get the trophy, so I quit the game, went back to the XMB and then got back in. On the very first opportunity I had, I killed two bikers at once and got the trophy.

    @JJ: from what I was reading around, nope, game cheats do not disable trophies. I can't vouch as I haven't used any, but when I looked up how to fix the glitch of the above trophy I read reports of people claiming to use one shot kill and bulletproof cheats to get the trophy more easily.

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