Thread: Just Cause Crash when opening PDA

Just Cause Crash when opening PDA

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    Just Cause Crash when opening PDA

    i recently bought "Just Cause" and "Just Cause 2" and im almost done with finishing the first game.

    After 2 days of endless package-collecting (at the end i thought it would be nice to have a 100% savegame), the game suddenly started crashing.

    After some investigation, i found out that the game ALWAYS crashes when i open the PDA, though in a new game it seems to work all right. When i hit "M", there is a short sound loop and BANG im back to Desktop (

    I got newest DirectX and Graphics drivers and the game is updated via Steam.

    Any idea how i could fix this?

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    I hope the issue has been resolved for you by now, but I'll post just in case anybody else looks at this thread. I had the exact same issue. I found this

    To fix the issue on my computer I bumped the voltage on my ram up to 1.55 volts from 1.5 in the bios. Then I went to C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\ATI\ACE and found the profile.xml file. Edit that and just use ctrl - f to search for corevoltage. Mine started at 1120 on my video card. I bumped them up by values of 5 until it worked. You may also need to change the permissions on the file and deny system from writing to keep it from resetting to original values.