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Thread: PS3 Controller Dead Spot In Analog Stick

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    PS3 Controller Dead Spot In Analog Stick

    Hi all,

    Bought this game recently and I LOVE IT!

    However, I've noticed that any time I plug in a USB based controler for player 2, there's a dead spot in the upper left of the left analog stick. I've tried this with a Madcatz PS3 USB wireless, a logitec USB, and even a PS2 controller with a USB adapter (and all of these controllers work fine with the game, except for that dead spot issue), so I'm sure it's not the controller that's the issue. I've used my Madcatz PS3 controller to play other games, and never noticed a problem. It only happens with Guardian Of Light for some reason.

    However, my blue-tooth PS3 controller works perfectly, and has no issues.

    I love this game, but this controller issue adds a serious negative element to an otherwise fantastic co-op experience.

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    Unfortunately, we can only provide support for using the game with official Sony controllers, as this is the only controller which would have been used while the game was being tested. As the official PS3 controller works as intended there is very little we can suggest other than contacting the respective hardware manufacturers to see if they can provide any assistance.
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