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Thread: Ughh, 'disc access error' on PS3

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    Ughh, 'disc access error' on PS3

    Its annoying enough that the first few times I tried to download the game it failed but now that I finally got it downloaded and installed, it lets me get halfway thru the game and now that I am on the 'Twister Bridge' level it just doesn't load the level at all, it give me the error:

    "Game cannot be continued due to disc access error. Please use the PS button to quit the game"

    Awesome, good job guys, ever heard of a *** checksum? If you're going to have a downloadable game you might want to look into it to ensure integrity of transmission. Funny how FTP has been around for decades and can handle transfers of massive files seamlessly but PSN and these game developers are baffled by the concept

    Looks like I'm deleting, re-downloading, re-installing and praying

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    deleted and tried to download gets to 94% and then just sits there, the status alternating constantly between 'Pending' and 'Downloading' this point I just want my money back since apparently I am not going to be allowed to enjoy the game

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    Sounds like your hard drive which is causing the issue, not the download or the game. Contact Sonys Playstation support team for your area for further assistance.
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