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Thread: Freedom to rant

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    Freedom to rant

    As Driber says:

    Anyone can ask for advice or rant a little. OK.

    My rant is about the deterioration of the quality of Moderation and permissiveness that has infested these forums.

    Once was posts had to be in English. No leet speek, no txt bs and no street language. Euphemisms for the common obscenities were outlawed. Posts filled with the smiley filter resulted in a warning or even bans for the posters.

    True, the social structure of the day promotes drunkeness, rude behaviour, and a mouth that would embarrass a toilet. But that is no excuse for a website oriented to gamers well under the age of 14, in most cases.

    There are a few in the 20 to 60 age group, but that is no excuse for allowing these forums to degenerate to the level of street vulgarity.

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    While your opinion is acknowledged, I see no good coming from this one, tBM.

    Quote Originally Posted by Eidos Forums TOU
    If a member feels that any of these rules have been violated, there is a link on each topic to report the offensive post to a moderator or administrator.

    The people who have been chosen to moderate and administrate the forums have the right of closing or deleting any thread they feel is inappropriate. Once a topic is closed, members are not allowed to start new ones with the same topic or to question why a specific thread has been closed.

    All questions or remarks regarding closed or deleted threads or any administrative decision must be e-mailed or pm'ed privately to the moderator who performed this action. Any further discussion regarding action taken by a moderator or administrator is to be dealt with through Private Message to the appropriate administrator or moderator, and not on the forums themselves. If it is not obvious which moderator took the action in question, contact one of the administrators. Find the complete list of the forum leaders here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by theBlackman View Post
    My rant is about the deterioration of the quality of Moderation and permissiveness that has infested these forums.
    Will you please lighten up? There is nothing wrong with the quality of moderation here. This is an international forum. Yes, we prefer the communication to be in English, but we do not enforce grammer and orthography. We have people posting here from all over the world, all ages and all backgrounds so you can not really expect BBC-English from everyone.

    If you do not like it, offer your support, but do not push people's nose in the dirt.

    Just relax, it does not matter anyway. It is only the internet.
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