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Fallout: New Vegas

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    Fallout: New Vegas

    Just beat it with Yes Man, gonna reload it and play it through with Mr. House.

    Anyway, just talk about it.
    Im a guy
    and- if any of u guys now- when is the official just cause 2 release date?

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    It was a great game, though it would've been arguably better without the enormously long load times and innumerable glitches. I like what they did by making the Mojave a more civilized place than D.C., with the faction reputations and whatnot.
    The glitches really are what ruined it for me. First, Moore (the NCR colonel) tells me to slaughter the Khans or make alliance. I make alliance, but when I return, the only dialogue option I have with her indicates that they've been killed. This makes no sense; I haven't killed a single Great Khan and my rep with them is Liked.
    Later, I have a Liked rep with the NCR. Suddenly, however, I get the Dark Hero rep, which means I've done something wrong. I haven't! People stop giving me discounts at stores and start making snide remarks like "At least the Legion knows what they're fighting for. When are you gonna figure it out?"
    Also, I can't enter the third floor of the Atomic Wrangler. I experienced a similar glitch in Fallout 3. This bugs me, and so does the random weapon glitches that occur when crouching with your weapon drawn in first-person.
    Overall, a great game tainted by huge bugs. In other words, a regular Fallout game.

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    My friend told me that its great game and he has spent over 150 hours. This is lots of time.
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    I've played every ending, and the Yes Man option is the best and easiest, cos you just tell him to ignore everyone, and skip the assassin mission
    Caesar's legion is the hardest to complete in my opinion.