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    Matches not found


    I just bought the game on Steam, only for its wonderful multi player but seems like i cant find any game it even possible? that nobody is playing around? dont think so...what is it then?

    Also note i have been playing online games via Steam for years now with no issue at all. Portforwarding is done for steam aswell. Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance <3

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    Unfortunately, it is possible that no one plays the game any more. LCGoL was released in September, the delay of co-op patch caused that a lot of people lost interest in the game.
    I know it's frustrating because the game is actually very nice. It's the way SE\Eidos handled the whole patch\DLC release that drives me crazy.

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    Oh my god..thats really sad! the game is brilliant in all its aspects

    There must be something that can be done!

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    Yeah, I wanted to play co-op yesterday and couldn't find any games...

    It's a great game but the way they handled everything was really bad, like Chris said.

    Eidos, CD, Square, your marketing department is awful, remember the 4P!!

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