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    Unhappy Steam


    I've bought Just Cause 2 for Christmas and i was pretty happy. But actually, i'm not happy. Firstly, I've seen I needed to have a Steam account. So i created a Steam account. After that, i hoped to play but I must wait for three hours for an "update" of the game ! And I will install again the game in a few days on another computer. Then, i'll wait three hours AGAIN ?

    Please help me !

    - and sorry for my english -

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    There is no help for this issue, sorry! Yes it sort of sucks that you have to download a program that you don't already have, but if you play a lot of games then Steam is the best thing that will ever happen to you. The time you are having to wait for your game update is more based on your internet connection rather than the size of file that you are downloading. Trust me, in the long haul, it's all for the best.

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    I'm sorry I or someone with a bit more knowledge of Steam didn't see this and respond in time. I hope you did a search in Steam Support. After you download and install the update you simply need to create a backup of the game...copy the backup files to a flash drive...stick the flash drive in your other computer and choose to restore.