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Thread: LCGoL for iPhone!

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    LCGoL for iPhone!

    Ive heard that Tomorrow, Guardian of Light wil be out on iPhone.

    True? Will you be buying?

    Any one tell me how much?

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    I just checked and the game is available on iTunes for $6,99.

    I will buy when the price drops...

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    What a great idea

    The game is already out on the UK app store and comes in two forms - the iPhone version for £3.99 and a higher-res iPad version for £5.99.


    More info here:
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    Quote Originally Posted by angelus0901 View Post
    I just checked and the game is available on iTunes for $6,99.

    I will buy when the price drops...
    The iPad version is $9.99...I think I'm going to wait for a price drop as well. Afterall, I've already bought it on two platforms...I'm curious to see how the touch screen controls work on the iDevices though...very cool idea

    Does anyone know how the multiplayer (if at all) works?
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    Excellent ! I have to DL it now !

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    I now have it and its truley awsome but harder 2 controll and i do preffer the console version but i think that they have done a gd job !!! x

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    Smile iPhone 4

    Yer, I have it on my iphone 4 and id just like to say a few things:

    Could you include the DLC'S what u release on PS3 (I have it on ps3 also).

    Can you fix the bug where when u start up the app it crashes, you have to press on the app about 3 times before it functions correctly.

    Maybe include multi-tasking e.g. when you exit game it brings the pause menu up and freezes the game for when you return.

    Apart from that its a great app XD well apart from when you try multiplayer NO ONE IS ONLINE lower the price so more people buy it, its same for the PS3 you have to wait for like 5 mins on that before another player joins you they are like GHOST TOWNS!
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