So there's been a minor problem thats been bugging me ever since i bought the game the first day it came out, The single player camera angle. If you have played this game you will have noticed that the camera angle places kane to the very left of the screen.. making the movement, aiming and shooting awkward. They place a dot in the middle of the screen(well done eidos) which makes for easy hip firing.. however due to the horrible camera angle given when you play, this accounts for nothing. However when you enter a building, kane is moved to the centre of the screen.. giving for a much better over-the-shoulder view, and totally accounting for the dot in the middle of the screen. Im complaining because if you have played "Fragile Alliance" you probably noticed that the camera is always centered (like when in a building or enclosed space in single player) and makes for easy movement, aiming and shooting.. so why would they change the camera angle for single player and make it so awkward?

This makes for a horrible co-op experience also(disregarding the fact that splitscreen co-op is horrible anyway) because kane is too far to the left on his camera, meaning you can barely see him.. and lynch is to far to the line which cuts the two characters screens in two. Why didnt they just give kane the camera that you get when playing fragile alliance? its easier, looks better and actually allows people to use the dot placed in the middle of the screen.

I know this is a minor issue.. but its a long time comin' and one of the main reasons i fret to play campaign.. if this had never been added to the game, id love to play campaign all the time. I'd like to take this time to say to eidos (if you ever read this) that even though i love this game with a passion, that being the story... the characters and the awesome online concept and play.. you have created a in' horrible game, even worse you jacked up dog days..... but still, even after all the bugs this game had to begin with.... you never ever tried to fix them, because you are all ignorant and lazy.

Fragile alliance - 10/10
Campaign(concept) - 8/10
Campaign(gameplay) -10000000000000/10