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Thread: PC Co-Op issue

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    PC Co-Op issue

    My friend and I are attempting to play co-op and starting tonight there is an issue that we are both having.

    When creating a lobby it gets "filled" with two of the same user: me for me and him for him. The game lists dyskordian as both player one and two. After throwing out a Steam invite from the Steam chat the other can then join to lobby but that just makes the other player listed as "waiting for other player" but you can still type and choose a level. When attempting to start a level it then goes to the loading screen and has the "waiting for other player" message that never goes away.

    A second bug: On co-op there is an issue with the other player seeing and using the correct gun. This issue gets really annoying when someone is needing to spear a wall and on the other players screen Totec is shooting a machine gun or whatever. When on Totec's screen he's putting spears all over the place.

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    Ditto for both bugs.

    1. When creating online co-op game, cannot invite others as creator's name fills both spots

    2. When I join a game and choose Totec. Guns do not work, only spear does any damage to enemies.

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