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Thread: [PC] cannot fire / remap joypad

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    [PC] cannot fire / remap joypad

    I can neither fire, nor remap the buttons on my USB joypad. All actions except fire seem to work. This joypad works perfectly with my other games.

    Looking forward to hearing from Eidos support regarding this.

    System info:
    Win 7 x64
    Asus P6T SE
    Core i7 920
    6GB RAM
    Radeon 5870


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    So do I. I am not able to aim when I am using my gamepad. It is so much disturbing. The only reason i purchased the game was to play co-op with freinds and now I am not able to play the game on the same pc using the gamepads. Please, we need help.

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    but i think its speed is more fast than our focus so try try again

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    Can people confirm which controllers work or not?

    I'm using 2 XBox gamepads connected with Tiger Super Joy Box 11. The Black and White buttons are mapped by default. If I remap them they are picked up so the game is seeing them. But when I'm playing the buttons aren't detected.

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    Do any gamepads work?

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