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Protocol for reporting players

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    Protocol for reporting players

    Hello all,

    *Update 3/20/15: In addition to the protocol listed below of reporting through Steam, the first course of action on reporting suspected cheaters is now asked to be done via the Support Centre

    Below, please fine the protocol for reporting also through Steam, found here on

    Important Information About Valve Anti-Cheat

    The VAC system is automated - contacting Steam Support to report cheaters is not necessary, nor will Steam Support act on any information provided.
    VAC does not ban based on reports. Such data is only used for tracking and statistics purposes.

    Reporting Suspected Cheaters
    Please do not publicly post SteamIDs, Cheats or links to Cheater Websites on the forums.

    To report a cheater:

    Go to the user's Steam Community profile
    Click on the large More button in the upper-left corner of the user's profile
    Click on the "Report Violation" button in in this dropdown menu
    Select "Suspected Cheater", add a description (include the game and the name of the cheat if known), and hit "Submit"

    Reporting a new Cheat
    If you know of a new cheat, especially private cheats (ones that aren't on a public website), and can provide the links or the actual binaries, please visit the SteamPowered Forums and send a private message to the VAC Team to ensure the information is received by the VAC development team.

    This can be done at the following link (Note: FORUM LOGIN IS DIFFERENT FROM STEAM LOGIN! If you do not have an existing forum account you will need to create one!

    Steam Support - Valve Anti-Cheat System (VAC):

    Protocol for Reporting Players:

    Their rule there is the same as here and we ask that users abide by this:

    Please do not publicly post SteamIDs, Cheats or links to Cheater Websites on the forums.

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