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The Ultimate Battlestations: Pacific Guide

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    The Ultimate Battlestations: Pacific Guide

    Forwarded from the archived site.

    In light of the number of gameplay questions posted recently, I decided to post this in response.

    I've been writing up, based upon my searches on the internet, the highest quality and most accurate guide to Battlestations: Pacific EVER.

    The guide is located at:

    The walkthroughs are 100% completed - you'll know what it takes to get gold medals on every mission with all hidden and secondary objectives outlined for each. Can't seem to find the Midway heroes in Pearl Harbour? Listed are the exact conditions that make each spawn and documented it in the guide.

    The unit profiles are more or less completed, I'd say at 98%. I've personally helmed each ship, flown each plane, and commanded each submarine to compare it against its contemporaries and usual adversaries. You'll also find that the number of guns are listed exactly; every artillery cannon, flak gun, and machine gun is counted in. Want to know what you're paying for in the Mustang Unit Pack? Read up on the unit profiles.

    Finally, the multiplayer maps are currently under construction. Dreadnought and Swirl are both completed, with all others at varying stages. Most of the Island Capture maps are completed, displaying exactly what Headquarters in each map is capable of spawning. Also listed will be tactics for all other game modes. Can't seem to win as the Japanese in Siege Dreadnought? Target the fortresses! That and other keys to victory listed in the multiplayer maps. Want quick and easy access to the jets? Or maybe you're wondering about the multiplayer modes themselves. All that's also listed in the "Multiplayer Maps" section.

    Found a typo? Incorrect info? Fix it with the edit button. It's all on a wiki, so editing should be quick and easy. That said, make sure what you're entering is the right info! (I am an admin on that site you know)

    While I can't guarantee success with the guide, I can certainly point you in the right direction, and get you acquainted with each map, ship, plane, and sub.

    It's the perfect learning tool for newbies and the best review for veterans.
    Big thanks to Arrow.

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    Sure thing, Chip.

    To append the current status of the guide, it's now 100% complete and promoted to Featured Guide status. It's been a long two years of work on that thing, but it's finally done.

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    You might want to add a section on start up problems:

    Intro Movie sound loop - i have seen many have this problem

    Game Wont start at all - possible caused Problems installing LIVE client
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    Technical issues are outside the scope of a strategy guide (and the site's scope as well).