There are a variety of games that benefit from Nvidia's 3D Vision glasses, and Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light is one of them, by far. 3D Vision gives a fantastic feeling of depth in the game... especially since you're often times far above the ground, and can see below you as well as platforms above you (and even have enemies up there, jumping down to the character's level). It's really a shame that the game is not optimized for 3D Vision (what they call "3D vision enabled"). So far, there are 6 issues that make the game frustrating to play in 3d... if these were fixed, you could put a "3D vision enabled" tag on the game for sure.

1. Shadows not rendered correctly in 3D. This is easy to resolve by simply disabling the shadows. Would be nicer if they rendered in 3d on the ground, though.

2. Icons over world objects render at incorrect depth. To be specific, icons such as button activation indications over movable balls or pullable switches. It's not that they don't render... it's that they render at the incorrect depth.

3. Player identification circle renders at screen depth. This makes it appear as if there are 2 circles on each side of the character, and can be quite an eyesore. Easy enough solution is to disable this feature.

4. Aiming mouse cursor renders at screen depth. This is a huge eyesore as well. If you use a controller, the target goes away. The "spark" targeting indicator DOES render 3d, and looks perfect in game.

5. Explosive AOE circle renders at screen depth. This can not be disabled, and can be a bit annoying. Being that items like health packs have a green circle under them that DOES render in 3d, it seems like this would be easy to fix by changing the radius effect.

6. Cut scenes render very poorly when convergence is turned up (which is what makes the gameplay in 3d look so fantastic). This seems to be something that might be difficult to fix, unless you can dynamically change the convergence in the game when cutscenes display. The only option as of right now is to literally close one eye so it's not painful to watch, or to disable 3d while cutscenes play.

I'm sure there are some other issues in the game that I haven't come across (since I only tried the demo)... but might buy the game if nothing else because what DOES work in 3D looks unbelievable... seriously... it's quite stunning, and after experiencing it in 3D, I wouldn't want to play it without it. Not many games out there let you turn in the convergence that much... which is what usually adds to the more intense 3d experiences out there. Just wish these details could be resolved for us 3D vision users. You know... the audience is growing. I'm sure it would be nice to have a "3D vision enabled" tag on Nvidia's list of games. Most owners will buy a game on that list just because it's there... and want to see it in 3d.