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Thread: (PS3,XBOX360,PC) Problem players cheating on the leaderbords! need a bugfix quick!

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    (PS3,XBOX360,PC) Problem players cheating on the leaderbords! need a bugfix quick!

    Hello everyone if i post this tread i have a good reason...indeed....on the leaderboard ps3 (and probably 360 and pc) some players cheats about the points for be number one and more!

    one of my contacts told me how to do that and i just try for see...and it work!

    Well then here come the mean!

    In Toxic Swamp by example

    Go where you must heal the ball move her....kill all the ennemis ...then...go to the near temple (the one who unlocked the first door)...quit the game! Continue.....and do the same thing! ...if things goes right the ennemis reappears!

    there is the proofs i have tak some pictures for prove it's not a fake! go see on the leaderboards! of course i dont cheat...i restart my game when i get 1 million and 500000 and more in the level!


    If i do that it's because it's not fair for the others players! by respect for the others good players and even the others i dont cheat! tooo easy to get i hight wthout skills or anything else!

    See the online get a goood attention i think to fix this bug is very important if the online don't want to be kill...

    However it's not concern the entire game but only some levels like Around the temple something like that (i am french) Toxic Swamp and maybre one or two others!

    My ID PSN: Elbibu76800 actually i get 4388000 and dusts in points

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    who exactly cares so much about getting high scores and even for the leaderboards?! let me guess..NERDS without living and all they care is to be on the top of a virtual list (trophies or achievements included) just to have their profile 1st..what about their real appearance? some fat guy? maybe an 13 year old boy? who knows? those cheaters to me are all the same my friend and you don't care about leaderboards and stuff..just play the game..
    Denis: There is something I don't entirely trust about this guy..
    John: Just because he just killed a girl in front of us..?

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    Yeah i like so i like finish my games to 100%...but i stop you right know i by only the games i love not because to be 1st in trophy or anythong elses.

    It s just the princip i am a trfan i try to see until where i can go the highter score i can perform not anything else i dont care about be 1st i want just that cheateurs be punish for what they have done nothing else...

    It s call respect same thing when you judge people without know them try to be more adult.....with a different judgement about what you say about these sort of players it s an advice for you my friend it s avoid you to have some troubles...with the admi by example.

    ps.nothing personnel..i dont judge you just signal i big problem and one one my contac ln the psn has quote that the same problem is for the times too.

    Have a good day! And hope the dlc and online comong soon! It s going to be fun

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    baby im not attacking to anyone not insulting neither badmouthing. i like to give my best to be at high place in the leaderboards but i can't stand the nerds you know! cheating just to be on top of a virtual list? why cheat? there are players that are giving everything but they aren't even in top 30 by giving everything. that's unfair my sweety..

    aw and thanks..goodmorning or night whatever u have in your country! <3
    Denis: There is something I don't entirely trust about this guy..
    John: Just because he just killed a girl in front of us..?

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    ok i see...but why cheating for be 1st indeed...for tease the others players probably it's just it upset me....than even to give the best the best i reach it's 8th...without cheateurs i will be 1st or other then...2nd or 3rd (assuming sometimes thez are very good i don't say the contrary..)
    But ok don't worry i understand i am not a nerds or other just it's the first time i try to be the best i can be in a game....with leaderboard i mean...i am not used to play online.

    But yeah it's unfair to the others players....i ask myself it's very usefull to get a patch see...some hackers will find surely the meanings to cheat again....

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