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Thread: About LC:GOL L01 Temple of Light-I found Hidden Zone Missions! Is that Debug?

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    Red Face (Embarrassed) About LC:GOL L01 Temple of Light-I found Hidden Zone Missions! Is that Debug?

    There is a Load for everybody of LC:GOL Fans Player. It's Great discovery.

    The Load download is press here:

    you can download this hidden zone debug load (14.21 KB),
    and the file name is

    why official sesign for this? Maybe is testing for debug mode. Who knows?

    there is my screen shot 35p, like down:

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    LCGOL found a Load, it's hasn't Activate Trigger. and to viewing all!

    Don't delete this thread. Please. I really found this load. it's true.very truely!

    the load can be downloading, everybody can be test this load.

    please click here:

    and I screenshot 35pics:

    everybody can be viewing thost pics!

    Actually, I release I making Walkthrough Video by myself alone creating it! So, for this hidden zone.
    and at here:

    Everybody could be downloading it. there are twice soundtrack, please look under stuffs.

    File Name:
    Temple of Light - Levels 01 - Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light - Hidden Zone - Activate Trigger To Normal Missions - 25m26s XviD DualAudio-MP3
    (P.S. Full Mission Chinese Commentator Soundtrack by maning)

    mkv type tags:
    V_MS/VFW/FOURCC, XVID (ID 1, Type: Video)
    VideoTrack XviD 1.2.2 VBR 1700k 720x406 (Approx. 25m26s)
    A_MPEG/L3 (ID 2, Type: Audio)
    AudioTrack1 MP3 48kHz 320k English Original Soundtrack
    A_MPEG/L3 (ID 3, Type: Audio)
    AudioTrack2 MP3 48kHz 192k Chinese Commentator Soundtrack by maning

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    Who knows what is this design reason? who knew? why official are design this mission, and at the normal missions, is blocked it, don't let our TR player into this area. so, my this load, after loading, and jumping outside area, and jumping from outside to inside of Xolotl's fire traps in temple of light again, this possibility can be truely!

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