I am posting this problem that has been causing me lots of grief and frustration.

I have been playing Kane and Lynch on an ATI RAdeon 9700 pro on the lowest settings and decided to buy the Gigabyte GV-R465D2-1Gi to improve the looks and framerate of the game however everytime I load a game it crashes everytime it finishes loading, I hear the background music/ambience but the opening scenes do not play and the only way out is by pressins Ctr-Alt-Del.

How can the game work ok with the Radeon 9700 Pro AGP card that is 8 years old and not work on my new Gigabyte Ati Radeon HD 4650 AGP 1GB?

does anyone have any answers?

PS this card is very good with other games like Hitman 2, Counter Strike Source and Flightsim X