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Thread: [ps3] Console freezes if you continue game

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    [ps3] Console freezes if you continue game

    Another bug in this bug-filled game (shame on you, coders: next time, don't rush a game): when I choose to continue a game from the single player menu, the PS3 freezes completely and I have to turn it off manually and then restart it in order to do anything. Please, release a patch as soon as possible because in this state the game is de facto unplayable (altough it seems very good from a mere gameplay point of view). And I'm sure I'm not the only one in this situation!

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    yep freezes up EVERY time I try to continue

    I even am careful to exit game properly instead of just turning the machine off mid level...wonder if that would work??

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    Every time I press "continue" the game freezes my ps3

    I have tried to erase the game and re-download only to keep having this happen on the NEW downloaded and why is this happening to ME>>>why isn't this place filled with similar problems when it keeps happening

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    I think you'll find that every console is different, and they're all going to handle games differently, some will get bugs in certain areas and some won't. which is rather unfortunate, and im not going to get into the technicalities of this as i dont harbor the right knowledge, but my PS3 for example has handled the game splendidly, with ZERO bugs. I mean sheesh, the bug reports on this board are huge!
    Sorry i can't help you guys out on this, just thought i'd provide an alternative insight. best of luck mateys!

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