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Thread: Did you enjoy the game?

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    I agree with EJB. The keyboard/mouse controls are definitely lacking. I much prefer playing with an Xbox 360 style controller for Windows. It's totally plug-and-play and although it takes a little retraining if you're used to the keyboard, it's really fairly intuitive. Movement and targeting are 100x easier that way.
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    Stella said all, EJB. It's definitely easier to play with an X360 Controller. Playing with a mouse and keyboard is a pain in the butt...

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    Thanks for your suggestions I'll source an XBox type controller.

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    The game looks, plays great and it's clear they put alot of effort into it. I don't though think it's as good as the Tomb Raider games though.
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    Scared to buy it... i mean its probly a good game dont get me wrong but just not good enough to call this chick tomb raider....They shouldve called this game something different making a totally new one and keeping the original...
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    Yes, I did.

    For me it's looking a fantastic game but like digital experience, they did the good thing, I was really enjoy play coop with friends, try to done challenges and yes some of them it's pretty hard, love to play it again some times but only on DLC's custom pack, still a good game to buy and play.

    But my rate to game is 6, what is that for?! It's because there is still some baggs on the PC version didn't fix yet, people find more glitches, looks like anti cheat system isn't work because you can see impossible score and times on the leader boards, it's not fair, and of course horrible controllers on the PC, it's terrible some times, the camera angel is totally fine, many people complain about it so much but for me it's fine, it had to be like that.

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    I tried out the demo. Lara moved wonderfully, the graphics were superb and it was generally quite fun. However I didn't get because of the frustrating keyboard and mouse controls! It felt too gamepad centred and button combos were really weird.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quolli View Post
    frustrating keyboard and mouse controls!
    I agree with you on this. I tried to play it with a keyboard but couldn't so stopped playing it on my PC altogether... Glad I have it on my Xbox360...

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    U no I never played LC and the guardian of light coz I never got any money to buy it. I'm finkin bout gettin it on PS3 wen I can. Is it better on a games console than PC, then?

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    It was alright but I prefer the normal style of TR play and it was just too difficult to play using a keyboard.

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    I found the concepts quite impressive, but the storyline and actual game play was alright.

    I downloaded the demo, and played through it. The graphics were mildly impressive, and I found the game play camera was glitchy. The controls were also a bit difficult to master, and I often found myself running into walls and falling into pits . Unfortunately I didn't find it was all it was hyped out to be so I did not purchase the full game.
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    This game is hilarious, specially if you play at home with someone you know. So funny! XD

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    yeah i enjoyd it! gonna be playing it again as im doing a walkthrough on my youtube gotta finish it off

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    it's a cool game. Nothing more, nothing less. it's very very short, but it is challenging.

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    Probably the most fun TR experience in a while, it definitely had the hardest puzzles from any Crystal TR game.

    Sadly it was too short, but nonetheless it was great.
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    The coop experience is amazing, the puzzles are great ! I haven't finished it yet with my best friend but I definitively love this game !
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    I was a good game and I enjoyed it but I hope CD put their focus into the main series games. Sometimes it was a little too much about speed rather that thinking ways through the puzzles.

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    It wasn't too bad but I probably wouldn't replay it. The fixed isometric viewpoint (with tiny Lara) made the controls clumsy and some of the puzzles meant it was impossible not to die first or second attempt as no hint system.
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    It's an excellent game, Lara in full-on action mode in a way which only enhanced the Tomb Raider world to my mind. Many of the locations were mindblowingly detailed and steeped in atmosphere, and the gameplay, especially during well spent father-son time, is spot on.

    As their recent follow-up confirms what I thought at the time of GoL, Lara and her franchise are in good hands with Square Enix. Respect to them.

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    Absolutely! Single player was good, co-op was so much fun, lots of challenges and collectibles, awesome co-op puzzles, sneaky traps, beautiful levels - I loved this game.

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    My son and I had quite a bit of fun to begin with, especially with some of the puzzles. But to be honest we both got a tad fed up with the numerous enemies and the isometric camera view; we just couldn't get on with it. I thought I'd have a go playing in single player, but gave up after a while.

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    I was mesmerized when I eventually got my hands on the game! Everything about the sport is amazing! It has lots of attributes that I had been missing in the previous releases, although it's not a Tomb Raider game. Keep up the great work Crystal and thanks for this game.

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