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Thread: Can't view the PS3 Leaderboard!?

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    Question Can't view the PS3 Leaderboard!?

    I've been playing GOL since I bought it & I think it's an amazingly addictive game. Thankfully I haven't experienced any really serious issues in terms of glitches.

    However, the last two days I cannot view the leaderboard, it was working perfectly until yesterday? As soon as I go to the board page it freezes, crashing the game & the PS3 altogether! I've tried other online games to test if the problem is connection issues in general but found them all to be working perfectly fine. It's rather annoying because I can't check my position on the board at all... for me the ranking is a big drive for me in wanting to play GOL over & over.

    Has this happened to everybody else? I've tried re-installing the game with no luck. Any ideas to what it could be or even how to maybe fix it... thank you in advance.
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    Wait the leaderboards were working until yesterday?

    There was nothing on the leadboards to work the first couple of days, plus I haven't checked cause I thought it would start working when the online multiplayer functionality becomes available. I've had a few bugs with GOL and lately my PS3 has been crashing for some reason, but it began before downloading GOL so perhaps it was an update or something.... I smell Sony....
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    weird myns work fine?

    Yesterday worked fine aswell ? x

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    I'm giving up on GOL... deleting it from my PS3. I've tried re-installing the game.. no luck, I even deleted my 100% completed save. I sacrificed the save, in case it was corrupt, which had co-op & single player completed... plus every weapon & relic/artefact unlocked for both Totec & Lara, in the hope it would start a fresh. However, after I had deleted the save & game, to re-install, it still crashes every time I look at the leaderboard!? It was much fun whilst it lasted.. but a very short lived thrill ride.

    My only chance now... is to re-format the actual hard-drive, but I fear that big hassle will have no result either. It's a shame because I was having so much fun... I was truly impressed but My experience with a Crystal-D Tomb Raider always has the same path... a big high followed by an even bigger low.
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    Probably a bit late now, but remember that you can copy your save files to a USB memory stick.

    Try setting up a secondary user and see if it works correctly with that one.
    Have you also tried rebooting your router and all that kind of stuff?

    Incorrect NAT settings can also stop you connecting to certain peoples games (not all) and other weird & wonderful problems.
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    I've tried all that & more... sadly GOL games saves are locked.. copying is prohibited. I appreciate your gesture of wanting to help all the same my friend.
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