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Thread: [PC] [BUG] Second Controller not detected

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    [PC] [BUG] Second Controller not detected

    Hi all,

    Please fix this issue. I have two Xbox 360 Wireless Controller with a receiver on my *PC* and the second one is not detected.
    Both are synchonized ok onto my PC (I can see them in controller settings in XP)

    I tried to update with the lastest driver for this controller from the Microsoft website, but this does not fix the issue.

    One more detail.... I bought the game, not it's not the demo version.

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    Does it not show up in the controller configuration screen in the game at all? I have two and it works here.

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    Nothing is shown :-(. I can select Xbox Controller - 1 for either the first or second player but the second controller is never displayed.
    I'll try with a 3rd other controller this evening...

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    I have tested with my 3rd xbox game controller. Still not detected :-(
    The three controllers are sync on the same receiver (driver version, XP version)
    So It still does not work under XP.

    I have also tested on the same PC, with the same steam installation with Windows 7.
    And... it works... So there more likely an issue with controller detection under XP :-(

    In my point of view it's a very annoying bug :-(

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    I have the same issue.

    I have the same issue.
    Windows XP SP2
    Latest drivers for controllers.
    Second controller is never found in game,

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    Same issue here. Windows XP SP3, latest drivers for controllers.

    It's really a pity, as this was one of the main reasons for me for buying the game. Still great single player mode, though.

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    i have the same problem . second wireless 360 controller will not work (detect) !!! in all my other games both wireless controllers are working fine .

    im on windows xp sp3 32-bit .

    the released updates for the game doesnt fix the issue under XP !!!

    i hope there will be a patch available soon


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    Just wanted to post a workaround solution for this issue.

    Had the same problem - second xbox wireless controller was not detected in game.

    So I've used XBOX 360 Controller emulator - This app was actually designed to mask/emulate other gamepads and wheels as Xbox controllers and trick games into thinking you have them. However, you can also use it with regular Xbox controllers as a "wrapper" and it works like a charm!

    1) Download the latest emulator and 32bit library dll here and extract everything to GoL folder (where game executable is)

    2) Make a copy and then rename x360ce library - xinput1_3.dll to xinput9_1_0.dll. Don't just rename it or the emulator will fail to load. You need to make a copy. This step is crucial, as the game will now load this dll and use it's calls.

    3) Turn both controllers on and run the emulator application.

    4) For controllers 1 & 2 - load the "Controller (XBOX360 Wireless Receiver for Windows)" preset, then hit save. Make sure you do this for both controller1 and 2, using the respective tabs. See image. When done, CLOSE the emulator. You don't need it anymore, since you only used it to save the correct settings.

    5) Done! Launch the game! Both controllers should be autodetected and already set up in Options menu. If not, just set it up yourself.

    6) Play and have fun!

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