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Thread: Lara Croft the Guardian of Light save game problem

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    Lara Croft the Guardian of Light save game problem

    I have got this big issue with auto save game feature in this game. Whenever I clear a level or a chapter in this game and after some time usually when i turn off my computer at night and then turn on my comp in the morning, all the saved positions are lost and I have to play this game again from the start? Anyways, I downloaded the save game from here but after some hours of searching for the save game location, I couldnt find it on my pc anywhere? So anyone please tell me where is it?

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    "C:\Documents and Settings\YOU\Local Settings\Application Data\SKIDROW\SAVES\35130\autosave.lcgolsave

    anyway the game is not opening after applying that; 3 stages were remaining

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    LCGOL save game file

    if you are using Steam on your PC, your last autosave should be in the following folder
    Steam > userdata > <folder with random number> > 35130 > remote

    the folder will contain only one file with the name 'autosave.lcgolsave'

    This is the one to backup or restore as needed.

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    I finished the spider tomb bit (single player) with steam online, then when i started it up with steam in offline mode it was back at the start again.

    Does it make two different saves ? offline mode and online mode ?

    If so that's a bit weird.

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    I finished the whole game and wanted to play it the next day and my saves were also gone... And replacing the autosave doesn't work... Does anyone have any ideas?

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    It appears the game lost it save point 'twice' !

    If I have to restart again then i'm gonna shelf it until this problem is fixed.

    Without a save option in the menu you just have to prey that it keeps the save point automatically.

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    Quote Originally Posted by allexclusive View Post
    "C:\Documents and Settings\YOU\Local Settings\Application Data\SKIDROW\SAVES\35130\autosave.lcgolsave
    Um...that would be the warezed version. Nice confession numbnuts...though most likely the warez version is the only one not having this save game problem because I think it's the Steam integration that causes it.

    I get the problem any time I do ANYTHING with steam. Try to play offline after having played with steam online, no saves. Validate files because it won't start, all files check out and it still downloads a 7.5 meg file EVERY time and saves. Sometimes it just randomly decides to do the "initial setup" and install directx and vcredist files again, and you guessed saves!

    I shelved the game after a few levels because no matter how often I back up the saves, the game loses them faster than I care to try and replace them and re-play 3/4 of it again every time I start it up again.

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