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Thread: Who's your favorite character?

Who's your favorite character?

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    My all time favorite is Cloud. Mainly because Fina Fantasy VII was my first final fantasy game. My second favorite character is Xaldin of Organization 13. I always use him in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.

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    Cecil by far. I miss the old RPG's like FFIV or FFVI. Coedore in the after years is a stud following his pops foot steps. Pretty wicked in the sequel and was a solid toon.

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    Ahhh..I Have To Say Tellah In The Core Game,

    And I Havent Started The After Years Yet,So I Will Get Back To You Later xD

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    It would have to be Vivi, because he is the most awesome black mage ever.

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    Originally Posted by tidus7
    It would have to be Vivi, because he is the most awesome black mage ever.
    This thread is about people's favorite FF IV characters.
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    rkiu/terra and sora/ ventus/roxas, kire/aquas

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    cloud and leon

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    Originally Posted by imported_anthony
    rkiu/terra and sora/ ventus/roxas, kire/aquas
    This thread is in the FF IV Forum, therefore this is to discuss one's favorite FF IV characters. Not KH characters, nor those from other FF games.
    One who knows nothing can understand nothing.

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    Sorry Zench, i miss read the question. My favorite FF IV character is Tellah. He got me through alot of binds in the game.

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    Mine is Kain, Edge, Rydia, and Rubicante

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    Cecil,Rosa and Tellah!


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    Ryda is my all time favorit!!!!!!!

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    My favourite is definitely Rydia. She loses everything but yets put herself on the line to save the world - she also forgives Cecil for all that he is done, and saves him at some point. Pretty cool, if you ask me. Don't forget her awesomeness as a mage having WHM/BLM capabilities earlier on, and then summoning magic!

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    I always loved Kain but Rydia is a close second. Always loved summoners and their summons.

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    Such a hard decision because I felt like all the main characters were so well developed, but I would have to say probably Kain, Yang, or Palom and Porom.

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    Ima go outside the box here a bit and say Ramza from tactics. (and of course cloud and Chrono cant stop those guys.)

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    Cecil Harvey (Dark Knight AY Version)

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    Cecil Paladin, Kain, and Golbez.
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    Kain, Golbez, Kluya, Palom, Edward.

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    Rydia. Followed by Luca, Palom and, beat me, Izayoi.
    I kinda dislike Edge, thought, even if he somehow changes in better in TAY.

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    Cid and Tellah.

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