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Thread: [PS3]Trophies didn't install

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    [PS3]Trophies didn't install


    I have downloaded the Gamespot demo (european version for PS3 as I'm French) and then purchased the key to unlock the full game. The game in itself works perfectly well but I have a problem, trophies didn't install. Apparently, I'm not the only one in this situation:

    I tried everything, I erased my save, reinstalled the game and the key,etc... Still nothing. The game doesn't appear in the trophy list menu and trophies don't unlock. For info, I have over 100 games and that's the first one where I have this problem.

    If you have any idea on how to solve this problem...thanks in advance.

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    I have exactly the same problem and I don't have a solution either. Like you I tried to download the unlock key and still no trophies. It seems that loads of people have the same problem, and if there is no solution, I expect Crystal to bring a patch ASAP.
    I don't know if this problem happens only on the European version of the game, but for my own I'm also french then I also have this version.

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    me too

    no show trophy and delete save data but no show

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    I'm from USA and I'm having the problem, too.

    I've tried:
    - starting over on hard
    - deleting save file, trying on different difficulties
    - re-downloading unlock key
    - deleting and re-downloading both demo and unlock key
    - playing on my other user account

    Nothing. No trophies.

    Get on it Eidos. This is crap.

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    Trophy issue

    First time i downloaded game no trophies were poping up.

    Then i deleted my save file, deleted the game, redownloaded game and played hard mode and trophies worked. I have gotten 38%.


    Now trophies stopped unlocking the "mousetrap" trophy does not work in any mode. I tried meduim, heard and restarted level 4x. Poped all spikes and no trophy.....

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    patch and update need

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    I finally did get the list to load last night, BUT I still can't unlock any trophies.

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    Hi i'm from Portugal just bought the game today like an hour ago, and guess what no trophies either!! come on crystal i haven't bought a game from you in a while and wenn i do this happens??

    But ok at least give us some feadback on the question at hand, that is since you know of this problem!! is there a way to fix it, are you releasing a patch??

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    From Portugal: I buy the game from PSN, and afther install no trophies. Several tries later (3 downloads of main file and unlock key, deleted the save file, change the level of difficulty, etc) the trophies open on XMB, I start the game on level 1 and gain 8 trophies, but on the 2nd day trophies stop working, the trophies were not popping. Normaly if we open the trophies list the first one is refering to the game we play, but for me it's on the 3rd position (I play 2 others games to test). the list of trophies no longer synchronized with the game. Me and a lot of other people need some feedback or a good game like this one goes down. Please Eidos, some feedback

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    Any news???
    UPDATE: Now for work, I must shut down the PS3. Start the game spam PS several times at loading time... some times work... some times not. Repeat several times the above... Some times only work on the next day. It's a great game, but to have 11 trophies I need restart the game more them 100 times. THIS IS NOT NORMAL. I have the PS3 fat with 500Gb installed. The developer's teem must give some feedback please...

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    I wish the trophys would work it would keep me busy on the game because iv played the game over 3 times and i just wish after i had completed the game i had some trophys 2 achieve.
    I really like the game because i cant get bored of it lol. x

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