Thread: FF XIII-2 on PS3: can't save or get past first temporal rift

FF XIII-2 on PS3: can't save or get past first temporal rift

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    FF XIII-2 on PS3: can't save or get past first temporal rift

    I'm having serious issues with FF XIII-2 which render the game unplayable.

    1. When I save a game, outside the historia crux, it does not save my progress. If I load the game, it starts at the opening sequence.
    2. When I exit to historia crux and save a game, it partially saves the spot but not my progress within the episode. If I create a new save, it says it will save in 3 phases and only processes 1 and 2, never 3. The episode always starts over when loaded with the original cut scene.
    3. All saves are 23MB but do not show the total hours played or fragments nor do they have a "Save Data #" title
    4. When I exit the first temporal rift in Bresha Ruins 005 AF, I get a white screen which remains indefinitely. I can pause and unpause. and exit with the PS button. There is the sound of rain in the background. No other buttons work.

    I've played this game before on this PS3 to 100%
    The PS3 has a new hard drive with data copied from the original using the PS3 backup/restore methods
    PS3 is completely stock other than the replacement HDD. Software is 4.55, 321GB free on HDD
    I've deleted the game data, tried playing with and without patch 1.06
    The game disc is spotless, no smudges or scratches
    I've started about 6 new games with and without patch 1.06 to experiment, all behavior is the same

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    Hmm guess no one else had the issue? Maybe a software update messed with your game save. Might have to restart with a fresh save instead.

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    Well, I installed the old drive back in the PS3 and it works just fine now.
    I had a hacker tell me it's a DRM issue and the exact problem is sometimes seen when trying to play the game in an emulator. If that's the case, Square better work on their DRM because it prevents hardware upgrades of a legitimate system, even after all traces of the game accessible through them menu have been removed.