Thread: Doggy Bag Achievements Totally Buggy?!

Doggy Bag Achievements Totally Buggy?!

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    Doggy Bag Achievements Totally Buggy?!


    I got much trouble with these i got a few Ach. and they didin´t count in the gamerscore when i go on the Xbox home page some of are still listet as Locked but i allrdy go the GS for them.

    I will update some Pics later.
    There are 3 different GS and Lock list for the game on my single account.

    In game list: I got them all 50 (all i have unlockt for now)
    Xbox List i got 880 GS but just 9 Ach. are missing with a total of 200 GS
    Xbox List on Homepage viewn by PC i got 980 GS 11 Ach. missing and there are a few i allrdy got like K9-Firepower for example

    does it happend to someone else/ is it a known issue?

    The DLC are out for around 2 weeeks XBOX shoud updated it allrdy

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    Funny! The Doggy Bag achievments unlocked at random points in the campaign for me. It's pretty odd I guess. But hey, free gamerscore!