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Thread: Thoughts about the Game (SPOILERS)

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    Quote Originally Posted by chriss99 View Post
    Excellent review Jurre! I agree that manual aim is much better than autolock.
    It would be great, if this was somehow implemented in the next Tomb Raider game.
    Did you play on PS3, 360 or PC?
    Thanks. I play it on PS3.

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    Hi everyone, I finished the new Lara Croft adventure yesterday and I also have to share my thoughts with you and also give the development team a feedback on their work.

    First, a brief info on me: I play video games for more than 15 years now and I have a crush on the Tomb Raider series (or Lara Croft? ) since the beginning in the mid 90s. So basically you can call me a hardcore gamer and a TR fan (although I haven't played all the games of the series, "Chronicles" and "Angel of Darkness" for example).
    I played GoL solo on the PS3.
    Oh and I'm from Germany so please excuse me for some language mistakes in this post

    Thoughts on the announcement:
    When I first heard about the idea of GoL, I was immediately impressed. The combination of shooter and puzzle elements sounded fresh and of course, co-op games are always great. I don't really like download games for their overall lack of quality but GoL promised nice graphics, gameplay and lots of content to keep you busy.

    Things I liked:
    - The gameplay itself is great! The combination of shooting and puzzle solving works very well, it never gets too boring because the game always switches between these two elements.
    - Atmosphere is intense, thanks to the music and the design of environment. Good examples are the spider tomb, the swamps or the lava dungeon at the end.
    - Lots of hidden secrets to search for!
    - The variety of weapons and artifacts gives depth to the gameplay and it's very motivating to master the challenges to get new ones.
    - For a download game you get a lot of content: I always tried to collect every jewel and skull and spent 1-2 hours per level. All together it easily took me around 10 hours to finish the game and I'm not talking about getting ALL objects. Thumbs up!
    - the controls worked perfect
    - lots of nice outfits for Lara to unlock, thank you

    Things I did not like:
    - The story in this game is really weak . Basically you get all information in the intro scene and after that it's just chasing Xolotl until you finally confront him. Please give a little more depths to the characters and storyline. This is one of the Tomb Raider/Lara Croft brand icons!
    - Most of the puzzles are too easy. In 90% of the cases I managed to figure out the solution in a few seconds. That's ok for the ones you have to complete to progress but especially the challenge rooms (which are optional) should have been more "challenging" for the hardcore gamers.
    - There are too many similar weapons. Instead of having multiple kinds of handguns/shotguns/etc. just have one weapon of each kind which can be upgraded with more firepower and features!
    - No online coop until the release of a patch was first a huge letdown (since I planed to play GoL with a buddy) but after starting the game on solo mode it has been a really entertaining experience

    All in all:
    I can't say if people like me were the target group for this kind of spin-off TR game, but I was definitely impressed by it and I hope there will be a successor and lots of additional dlc!
    Kind regards,

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    iv played the game over 3 times and im still not tired of it.

    It was better than i expected and i cant wait until the next 1 comes. lol x

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    For the french-speaking people (and for those that know Google Translate ), here is a longer text about what I think of GoL ^^

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    I just defeated the T-Rex!!! I'm so loving the game so far!!!
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    I know its brilliant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoodedclaw View Post
    I know its brilliant.

    Hehehe. It's a great game. I've played it over 40 hours now.. Can't wait for the DLC and COOP !

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