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Thread: Final Fantasy XIII-2 : Q N' A Thread

Final Fantasy XIII-2 : Q N' A Thread

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    Final Fantasy XIII-2

    Playing FFXIII-2 i've reach academia 4xxaf and whit the Fragment Skill: Paradox Scope on.
    I've got to the Void Beyond where are 5 fragments, and i fight whit Caius, and won...
    I've got the paradox ending: beneath a timeless sky
    After i've done it i cannot continue the correct time-line, i'm not abe to come back to the void beyond and fight whit caius whitout the paradox scope on...and so continue the game to the Dying world.
    i can't close the gate in academia be cause i don't have the item, and the item is in the dying world that i can't unlock...
    my game is stuck....
    what can i do?

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    Is there another pathway to find this item in another timeline? If so, that might help, i didn't quite get the timeline breakdown either at first.
    Just keep trying it has to be there somewhere

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